2019 Philadelphia Flower Show – Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

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Well, it’s finally Spring! Last month I worked with the folks at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to produce a few promo videos for the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show. If there is any event that can get you all charged up and ready for Spring, it is definitely the Philadelphia Flower Show.

In all the years I’ve lived in Philadelphia, I had never been to the Flower Show. So, it was great to finally go and to experience the variety of exhibits, flower arranging competitions, works of art made of flowers, and the incredible scents of a variety of flowers.

One of the most interesting exhibits to me was that of Refugia Design. The exhibit hooked up electrodes to different kinds of plants that measured their electrical impulses and fed them into a variety of different music synthesizers. The synthesizers converted those electrical signals into sound. If you touched the leave of a plant that was connected to the electrodes, the sound would change. The exhibit was an example of some of the incredible powers that plants have that we humans don’t really know about. To learn more about plant power, check out The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben.

Speaking of the power of plants, this year’s theme was “Flower Power,” a nod to the fiftieth anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. And several of the exhibits featured throwbacks to the 1960s.