A Christmas Carol by McCarter Theatre for JerseyArts.com

The McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton, New Jersey, has put on an annual performance of A Christmas Carol since 1980. For some people it isn’t the holidays without  trip to Princeton to see A Christmas Carol. Many families have made a holiday tradition of coming to McCarter to see the Charles Dickens classic. And from seeing this year’s production, I can see why people keep coming back. In addition to being a wonderful story, it is a magical performance complete with special effects, fantastic characters, solid acting, and beautiful stage sets.

I teamed up with Jesse North to produce this video feature for JerseyArts.com. We spoke with several theatergoers to find out why they love McCarter’s production so much and keep coming back. One family we spoke with even breaks out their top hats once a year for their trip to Princeton to see A Christmas Carol at McCarter. Another has come every year since McCarter’s inaugural production in 1980. And people love the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. Check out the video below to see some excerpts of this year’s production and some interviews with theatergoers. Thanks to McCarter Theatre for letting come and shoot.

This feature is part of a monthly video podcast that Jesse North and I will be working on for JerseyArts.com. Stay tuned for another feature next month.