Alborada Spanish Dance Theatre

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Alborada Spanish Dance Theatre got its start in 1980 in New York City under the name The Spanish Dance Theatre. After the founder, Maria Alba, died the company moved to New Jersey in 1995 and reincorporated under the name Alborada Spanish Dance Theatre. Under the direction of Artistic Director Eva Lucena the company has flourished, reaching some 10,000-15,000 people a year through its full stage performances and art education programs. On September 25, Alborada will hold a 20th Anniversary Concert at the Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ. Last week, Jesse North and I went to one of Alborada’s rehearsals to get a glimpse of what the 20th anniversary performance will entail. In addition to Flamenco dancing, the company will perform classical Spanish dance and theater performances.  We were amazed by the music, the dance, the rhythms, the singing and the costumes. Some of the costumes are more than 180 years old. Check out Alborada’s “20 Years of Flamenco and Spanish Dance in New Jersey” on September 25.  It looks to be a phenomenal performance. Jesse and I produced this piece for

Alborada Spanish Dance Theatre – from Dave Tavani on Vimeo.