Benjamin Franklin Museum for Bluecadet

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Benjamin Franklin MuseumBenjamin Franklin Museum

Over the last two years, the Benjamin Franklin Museum in Old City underwent a major renovation. The newly designed museum includes several interactive displays and animations created by Philadelphia-based design firm, Bluecadet. Just before the museum re-opened in September, Bluecadet hired me to shoot some video of visitors interacting with the displays and viewing the animations. Visitors can see an introductory animation that was created from woodcuts of Franklin’s sayings and experiences, or try out an interactive display of an armonica, a musical instrument invented by Mr. Franklin. Visitors can also explore the different rooms of Mr. Franklin’s house which once stood on the spot where the museum is located. Go check out the new Benjamin Franklin Museum and the displays created by Bluecadet! The Benjamin Franklin Museum is part of the Independence National Historic Park. This video combines footage I shot at the museum with the animations created by Bluecadet to give the viewer a sense of the new exhibits.