A Day in the Life of The Pass

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The PassThe Pass

Chefs Matthew Ridgway and Paul Mitchell have collaborated to create The Pass, a restaurant in Rosemont, New Jersey in the French roadhouse style. Just up the road from Stockton, NJ, The Pass features a seasonally-inspired prix fixe menu that changes weekly and a casual dining atmosphere. In addition to the sit-down dining experience, patrons can also purchase products from the charcuterie counter, which features terrines, confits, pates, and other cured meats from Matthew Ridgway’s PorcSalt.  This video captures a very long day in the life of the restaurant on a typical Saturday, which usually involves a trip to the Stockton Farm Market and deliveries from several local vendors. At the farm market, Matthew usually picks up tea from Urbane Tea Company, olive oil and seasonings from Mediterranean Delicacy, and fish and oysters from Metropolitan Seafood Company. Sometimes he picks up lunch there before heading back to the restaurant. In the afternoon, Jeanmarie Mitchell from Tullamore Farms drops in with fresh meats. Malaika Spencer of Roots to River Farm brings fresh carrots and other vegetables that are in season. And Chris Darrah of Mainly Mushrooms swings by with a variety of different mushrooms. Check out the video, and when you get a chance visit The Pass — you’ll love it.

A Day in the Life of the Pass from Dave Tavani on Vimeo. Thanks to Paul Miller for his great work on “A Memo,” the first song featured in the video.