Gloria: A Life at McCarter Theatre Center

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Gloria Steinem is perhaps one of the most inspiring leaders that is still alive in America today. She worked with many other women in a movement that sought a pretty simple and seemingly uncontroversial change in our society: equality between men and women.

But here we are decades later, and the pay gap between men and women still exists. Healthcare companies continue to cover treatments for erectile disfunction and not certain birth control for women. We have a president and supreme court justice who have several allegations of sexual assault against them, while their accusers aren’t taken seriously. Perhaps that is why it is important to learn more about Steinem’s life and work, and maybe we can move society forward with her ideas and approaches.

Right now at McCarter Theatre Center, you can see Gloria: A Life, a documentary style play based on Gloria Steinem’s life and work. For someone like me, who doesn’t know a lot about this feminist icon, it is a great primer and will leave the viewer inspired to work towards greater equality for all in American society.

McCarter’s outgoing Artistic Director, Emily Mann, wrote and directed this phenomenal play that is staged in the round. Mary McDonnell plays Gloria, and an ensemble of six other women rotate through as several characters in Gloria’s life. The performance also includes a talking circle with audience participation after the play.

Here is a video of Mary McDonnell talking about what it is like to play Gloria Steinem with the ensemble.

This video includes audience reactions to the show:

This video is a short teaser with some historical photos from Gloria Steinem’s life.