Introducing Elwood

Elwood is our new Bassett hound. He moved in with us back in April, a few months after losing his owner to cancer. He is eight years old and loves to sit and watch what is going on around him. He also likes to bark. A lot. Very loudly. Sometimes you can feel his barks resonating off the appliances in the kitchen. He is a sweet guy nonetheless. I took this portrait of him the day I got my damaged 70-200 back from Canon. It had taken a big fall of a tripod onto a concrete floor at Citizens Bank Park — yikes! A bunch of parts broke off, however the glass was not harmed. But I digress. Upon receiving the lens back after only three short business days (Thanks Canon CPS!), I put it on a camera to test it out. Elwood was sitting in the hall curiously watching me with his ears perked up. What a perfect pose for a portrait!