Monmouth Museum Juried Art Exhibition –

The Monmouth Museum is currently holding its 36th Annual Juried Art Exhibition. Each year the museum releases a prospectus with the requirements for submission. The Monmouth Museum now takes digital submissions and received more than four hundred works from around the country this year. The jury panel selected approximately eighty works to include in this year’s show, some of which came from states as far away as Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington State. The works included in this year’s exhibition are in a variety of media, such as paintings, photographs, sculptures, and even video installation. Dan Fenski, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, says the exhibition is a “barometer of what is happening nationally and sometimes internationally” in the art scene. He also says that the jury committee tries to feature art that is “unusual, interesting,  and unique.”

Jesse North and I ventured out to the opening night to cover the exhibition for We interviewed a few artists about their work in the show and some patrons about their take on the exhibition. We also spoke with Dan Fenski (Chairman of the Board of Trustees) and Faye Zealand, a board member at the Monmouth Museum. The Juried Art Exhibition runs through March 8.