The Mousetrap – McCarter Theatre Center

Growing up, I always loved a good mystery. I loved to follow clues and try to solve the case, whether I was reading a book or watching a movie. Seeing the Agatha Christie classic, The Mousetrap, at McCarter Theatre was not different. I paid close attention to each character’s actions and words. And by the time of the intermission I had a full theory as to who the murderer was. Of course, I also had a set of doubts about that theory as a result of other evidence collected in the first act. And perhaps that is the mark of a great mystery — that it leads you in several plausible directions until the final reveal.

The Mousetrap may be the quintessential murder mystery play. It opened in London in 1952 and never closed. With a group of guests snowed in at Monkswell Manor guesthouse and a murderer on the loose, how could it disappoint?

McCarter’s production, directed by Adam Immerwahr, is fantastic. It is filled with bits of humor, awkward moments that arouse suspicion about every character, and a twist at the end. You can catch The Mousetrap at McCarter until March 27. Hurry! Before it is too late!

Over the last month I worked with Tom Miller at McCarter to create these short videos to promote the show. Even though Tom won’t take it, he deserves the credit for monitoring one camera during our shoot of the production.

This is the character promo that we worked on first:

The Mousetrap – McCarter Theatre Center from Dave Tavani on Vimeo.

And here’s the behind-the-scenes trailer with the director of The Mousetrap, Adam Immerwahr:

The Mousetrap Behind-the-Scenes – McCarter Theatre Center from Dave Tavani on Vimeo.