Murder on the Orient Express – McCarter Theatre Center

If you like a good mystery, then you should catch McCarter’s world premiere of Murder on the Orient Express. You may know the story from the Agatha Christie novel or the two film adaptations. But this is the first adaptation for the stage.  McCarter commissioned Ken Ludwig to write the stage adaptation. His script not only keeps you on your toes about the mystery — it also keeps you laughing. Ludwig is a comical master and can even make a murder funny. But there is also a subtle moral quandary that develops as the famous detective Hercule Poirot investigates the case on the most famous train connecting Europe and Istanbul.

The video above will give you a taste of the production, as well as the opinions of some early viewers of the show.

The set is fantastic, featuring two train cars. And the costumes (especially for the female characters) are spectacular. We sat down with William Ivey Long to talk about his approach to designing costumes for this specific time period.

William Ivey Long – Murder on the Orient Express – McCarter Theatre Center from Dave Tavani on Vimeo.

Murder on the Orient Express runs through April 2.