Philadelphia Neighborhoods – East Passyunk

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East Passyunk — a neighborhood of South Philadelphia

On Friday, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) unveiled a new two-year campaign to promote fourteen different neighborhoods that are outside the typical Center City area. Since late December I’ve been working on several videos for this series. This video is a neighborhood tour of East Passyunk (pronounced like Pash-e-unk, with a long e sound) in South Philadelphia guided by Andrew Erace, co-owner of Green Aisle Grocery. Erace talks about some of the places he wouldn’t miss if he were visiting East Passyunk, including where to eat and where to shop. The neighborhood is bound by Tasker Avenue to the north, Broad Street to the west, Snyder Avenue to the south, and 8th Street to the east, and, of course, derives its name from Passyunk Avenue (east of Broad Street) that cuts across the grid diagonally. In recent years, the neighborhood has been a hot spot for new shops and eateries, and the locus of all things scooter in Philadelphia.

To find out more about the GPTMC Philadelphia Neighborhoods campaign or Philly neighborhoods in general, check out: or check out this Philadelphia Inquirer article about the Philadelphia Neighborhood campaign. Additionally, to see all of the videos in the Philadelphia Neighborhood campaign, click here. Just be sure to click “1080 HD” in the YouTube quality settings to watch all the videos in high definition.

I’ll be posting more Philadelphia Neighborhood videos soon. The next stop will be in West Philly.