¡Pizza Napoletana!

Perfect Pizza?

Nomad Pizza just might have the best pizza in the Philadelphia area. And this is no small feat in a city that has had a recent pizza Renaissance of sorts. Pizzeria Stella, Osteria, In Riva, and Pizzeria DiMeo’s have all helped raise the pizza bar in Philly. But can any of them compare to Nomad? In addition to their delicious pizza Napoletana, there is a great story behind the pizza — one that starts with a broken oven, involves a 1949 REO Speedwagon, and ends with a relatively new restaurant in Philadelphia.

The Story

Tom Grim and Stalin Bedon started Nomad Pizza on a 1949 REO Speedwagon (you’ll see it in the video below). Grim had ordered a brick oven from Naples, but when it arrived he noticed it had been damaged during shipping. Instead of having him ship it back, the company in Naples sent him another. He and Bedon repaired the oven and mounted it on the back of the aforementioned truck. They shortly started catering events in central New Jersey, before their instant success led them to open a restaurant in Hopewell, NJ. This past February, Grim and Bedon opened their second restaurant, but this time in Philadelphia. The truck still frequents festivals and events in an around the Philadelphia area, including The Food Trust’s roving Night Markets (The next on is October 4 in Chinatown).

Nomad is a simple pizzeria, only serving salads and pizzas, which enables the staff to focus on producing the perfect pizza. In addition, Nomad also has solid selections of wines and craft beers.


Nomad Pizza is on the corner of 7th and Kater Streets (just south of South Street) in Philadelphia. It is in the building formerly occupied by Horizons.

Check out the promo video I produced for Nomad, and then do yourself a favor and pick up a pie or three.