Simpatico – McCarter Theatre Center

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Right now at McCarter Theatre Center, you can catch Simpatico, a collaboration with A Red Orchid Theatre from Chicago. Written by the late Sam Shepard and directed by Dado, this dark comedy features Michael Shannon and Guy Van Swearingen as well as other members or Red Orchid’s troupe. The two play Carter and Vinnie, respectively. As old friends formerly involved in the horse racing business, the two share a past with a little bit of intrigue. In this dark comedy, that past comes back to haunt them and a few of their friends.

You may know Michael Shannon from his most prominent role in Boardwalk Empire. The tension between his character, Carter, and Guy Van Swearingen’s character, Vinnie, is quite palpable. Their characters grew up together in Cucamonga, California and worked together in the horse racing business until a shady deal went down. And in real life Shannon and Van Swearingen have known each other for more than twenty five years. That gives them the ability to really play the roles of long-time buddies with lots of history in Simpatico. It is a great show, and you can catch it through October 15.