An Act of God at Bristol Riverside Theatre

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Kim Wayans (of In Living Color) is currently starring in a hilarious and irreverent new play written by David Javerbaum. An Act of God is playing at Bristol Riverside Theatre through October 13, 2019.

Imagine if God herself came down to earth, took control of Kim Wayans’ body, and began disabusing us of all of our opinions and beliefs about God. That’s the basic premise of the show. It also gives us a new set of the Ten Commandments, updated for modern life and, perhaps, a more modern view of life.

Growing up Catholic and leaving the faith, I could really appreciate the perspective offered in this new play. I always struggled with some of the inherent contradictions in the Bible and Christianity in general. This play puts those contradictions center stage (pun intended) and puts a funny twist on them. And Kim Wayans is just fantastic, as you can see from the clips here.

And this scene about God faking all of the evidence for evolution is pretty great:

Did you ever get the feeling God was helping out your sports team? Probably not, except in some situations.

And, even God hates it when you forget to turn off your cell phone at the theater.