Morris Arboretum – Four Seasons

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Even though it hasn’t felt much like winter lately, I was able to shoot the winter installment of the Four Seasons project at Morris Arboretum. A few weeks ago we did have a snow storm. The sky cleared up that afternoon, but the winds were too strong to fly. I shot some ground footage that day and took to the air the next morning. Watch the video to see a winter wonderland at Morris Arboretum.

If you have been to Morris Arboretum, you already know that it is one of the most beautiful parts of northwest Philadelphia. If you haven’t been there, you should go. And the Fall is a great time to visit, as the leaves change to a  variety of colors (see the fall video below). But really, there is no bad time to visit. The flora change with the seasons, so there is always something interesting to see.

The arboretum, part of the University of Pennsylvania, has an incredible collection of plants. More than 12,000 of the plants are labeled, so you can really test or expand your botanical knowledge. And the collection contains more than 2,500 different temperate species from North America, Asia and Europe. You can climb the magnolia slope, stroll through the oak allee, spot native and migratory birds at the wetland, and take in the magnificent rose garden. Created in 1888, it is one of the oldest gardens at Morris. It has four quadrants containing boxed-edged walks and a fountain in the center.

Starting this past spring, I’ve been working to document Morris Arboretum as it changes with the seasons. So far, I’ve shot the magnolias and cherry blossoms back in March, and in June, I shot the rose garden as it came into full bloom. The video above shows what you’d see if you visit in the fall. Check back every so often for updates as the seasons change. Below is a clip of the magnolias and cherry blossoms and the rose garden from this past summer.

Magnolias & Cherries – Morris Arboretum from Dave Tavani on Vimeo.

Morris Arboretum – Rose Garden from Dave Tavani on Vimeo.

Fall at Morris Arboretum from Dave Tavani on Vimeo.